Al Bustan and Al Wathba

Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE


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    Al Bustan Wildlife Park
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    Al Wathba Theme Park

For the Al Bustan Wildlife Park project to be developed in Sharjah, UAE, EDG worked with PJA Architects in the concept development of a "world-class" tourist destination, utilizing the Client's unique animal collection. The Al Wathba project is a theme park design with a focus on the local history and culture, filled with rides, shows and attractions. EDG worked in partnership with PJA to define the concept and research the stories that serve as the basis of the overall narrative. EDG was contracted to identify seasonality, optimum sizing and investment requirements for the animal attractions and rides at Al Bustan park and all rides and attractions at the Al Wathba park to inform the economic feasibility. EDG provided industrial engineering services for both parks to prepare the operational program for the attractions and all facilities.